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What is clinical innovation?

Clinical trials are the cornerstone of delivering the next wave of life-changing medicines. 然而, healthcare environments are becoming increasingly complex, creating new challenges for clinical trial research. 最近, 数字医疗保健的兴起催化并加速了临床试验招募和参与方面的变化, 进一步增加复杂性. Furthermore, the transition towards next-generation therapeutics is necessitating changes to the design and delivery of clinical trials. To meet these demands for clinical innovation, we are pioneering new approaches to how we engage with patients, trial teams and healthcare providers, 在诊所和其他地方.

临床创新意味着澳门葡京赌博游戏不断思考如何设计和提供以患者为中心的临床试验,以改善患者和现场团队的体验, 以及澳门葡京赌博游戏如何使用数据, 数字 和人工智能 to improve patient outcomes and health equity.

娜塔莉问 VP and Head of Clinical Operations, 澳门葡京赌博游戏 R&D、澳门葡京网赌游戏


Clinical trial transparency

We have a long-standing commitment to make information about our clinical research publicly available. We believe that being transparent about our research and development, including our clinical trials, is serving the best interests of patients, 他们的亲戚, 护理人员, 医疗专业人员, 研究人员和公众.

澳门葡京赌博游戏的目标 临床试验网站 是提高临床试验的知识和意识,包括参与临床试验的意义,以及增加患者获得相关临床试验的机会.

Using data and 数字健康解决方案 to improve experience and patient outcomes

We have the opportunity to integrate 数字健康解决方案 across clinical trials and help patients achieve better health outcomes. 数字卫生技术有可能使更广泛的人群参与其中,并减少患者前往诊所的需要.

Digital technologies are also allowing us to collect data using devices patients can use at home. This enables healthcare providers to monitor symptoms and vital signs in real-time, 让临床医生和研究团队更好地了解研究药物如何影响疾病,以及它如何与个人的整体健康和生活质量相互作用. By leveraging 数字 technology, we are also reducing the time needed to develop life-changing medicines for patients who need them most.

Explore examples of innovative use of data and 数字 technology in our clinical trials

The opportunity for 数字 health to improve human health and transform patient outcomes is starting to be realised. We are at the forefront of this healthcare revolution, powered by scientific evidence, 数字, longitudinal multiomics health data, 和人工智能.

Designing and delivering patient-centric clinical trials

Clinical trials are necessary to drive innovation, yet only a small percentage of eligible patients choose or are able to join a trial. To enable more patients to participate, we are focusing on making them more accessible, 提供更简单的信息,设计澳门葡京赌博游戏的试验,使他们更容易,更灵活地适应患者的日常护理.

Learning from the patient experience

We work with patients and 护理人员 as partners to bring their voice into our trials. For patients with rare diseases, Alexion的罕见病患者摩擦系数评估临床试验对患者及其家属的负担,并允许澳门葡京赌博游戏利用这些见解来告知和改进澳门葡京赌博游戏的试验设计和方案. Across other disease areas, we have surveyed more than 1,400 patients about the burdens they face during clinical trials. 在设计新的研究时, 澳门葡京赌博游戏用梅林, 这是一种主动计算分数的工具,可以帮助澳门葡京赌博游戏的研究团队评估一项试验对患者的负担有多重. 基于这些数据, our research teams can make informed decisions to reduce these potentially burdensome aspects of a trial.

Designing patient-centric trial endpoints

设计更好的试验终点是支持临床决策和捕捉患者整个疾病负担和试验过程的一种方法. 试验终点是可以客观测量的事件或结果,以确定所研究的干预或治疗是否有益. For several of our asthma and COPD clinical trials, we have developed novel composite endpoints that help us to reduce the size and duration of our clinical trials. 此外, 澳门葡京赌博游戏尝试使用家庭肺活量测量和虚拟指导来远程收集该终点的数据, reducing the need for in-person visits by 50% and the need for patients to travel.

Delivering patient-centred and innovative clinical trial designs

在可能的情况下, we are introducing the innovative clinical trial designs that could reduce patient burden, accelerate timelines and increase efficiency.

澳门葡京赌博游戏越来越多地利用平台研究进行早期临床试验,比较针对单一疾病的多种潜在药物. 例如, 患者可以根据其特定疾病的不同亚型的生物标志物测试结果参加心血管疾病的平台研究. Depending on the response to the initial 治疗, patients can then potentially switch to other drugs on the platform trial, as indicated by their disease biomarkers.

By designing patient-centric trials, improving the patient experience, and using 数字 technology, we are continually expanding our ability to reach diverse patient populations.

Delivering sustainable clinical trials for the health of society and the planet

Improving inclusion and diversity in our clinical trials

We are committed to designing clinical programmes with equity at the forefront – from idea inception to patient care. 澳门葡京赌博游戏的方法 includes increasing the diversity of clinical trial participants, so trials better reflect the patients who may use our medicines, which ensures we have a robust and reliable body of evidence.


Reducing the environmental impact of our trials

We focus on running our trials sustainably, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact, helping create a healthy future for society and the planet. 从研究设计到数据分析,澳门葡京赌博游戏在整个临床试验过程中使用了大量的操作和数字健康解决方案. Our operational innovations include decreasing face-to-face meetings and clinic visits for patients, reducing the number of wasted lab kits by better predicting where they are needed, diverting unused kits to other healthcare facilities and cutting back on single-use plastic.

Who could benefit from innovation in clinical trials?

临床试验创新的好处是显著的,可以对整个生态系统产生积极影响. 这些包括:


米歇尔样本 VP Clinical Operations, Late-Stage 肿瘤学, AstraZeneca

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Date of preparation: July 2023